Bart the Hero
Bart's Little Fantasy
Scary Movie
Homer: Get in there!
Marge: And clean up that mess!
Lisa: Do we have to?
Homer: Yep!
Bart: Why?
Marge: Because we're the parents and you're the children.
Lisa: Oh no! This will take forever!
Bart: I've got a plan. You guys clean up and I'll tell you a story.
Lisa: Oh, brother!
Bart: Once upon a time, there was a planet. Where the children were the parents and the parents were the children.
Adult Bart: Get in there!
Adult Lisa: And clean up that mess!
Child Marge: Do we have to?
Adult Bart: Yep!
Child Homer: Why?
Adult Lisa: Because we're the children and you're the parents.
Child Marge: Oh no! This will take forever!
Child Homer: I've got a plan. You clean up, and I'll tell you a story.
Child Marge: Forget it!
(back to real life)
Bart: And then...
Marge: BART!!
Homer: If you won't help your sister, then get out there and mow the lawn!
Lisa: How did Bart's story end? Well, everyone lived happily ever after.

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