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Homer, did you know it was a burlesque house when you sent Bart to work there?
Marge Simpson

"Bart After Dark" is the fifth episode of Season 8.


Bart must work at Belle's La Maison Derrière, the local burlesque house, as a punishment for breaking a stone gargoyle . Meanwhile, Lisa convinces Marge to embark on a hopeless journey.

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Lisa sees on the news that an oil tanker has crashed and has spilled thousands of gallons of oil on the beach. She asks Marge if she can go and help save the local wildlife. After begging, Marge agrees. Bart and Homer stay at home and quickly turn the house into a pigsty. Bart goes to Springfield Park to play with his friends and ends up damaging a creepy looking house. The owner of the house, Belle, demands compensation; Homer tells Bart to do chores for her to make up for the damages.

Bart After Dark
Bart discovers that the house is actually a Burlesque house and quickly takes a new enthusiasm to his job. Meanwhile, Marge and Lisa discover that only celebrities have reserved the animals for photo opportunities so they are left to clean rocks, they quickly head home. Homer learns about the true nature of the Burlesque house, but does nothing about Bart working there. Soon, the Flanderses and Lovejoys confront him on the matter after Principal Skinner sees Bart in the reception room. Marge, who unexpectedly returns with Lisa and Maggie from the beach and was previously unaware of Bart's form of employment, overhears.
Bart after dark
Marge asks (i.e. demands) Belle to close down the Burlesque house, Belle refuses and brings up good points why she won't. At a town meeting, Marge brings up the matter of the house and soon gets support of the entire town to destroy it. An angry mob arrives to take it down. As they are about to destroy the house, Bart convinces Homer to tell them to stop. He does so by breaking into a musical number, We Put the Spring in Springfield (accompanied by Belle and her backup dancers) which convinces the town not to destroy the house. However, Marge arrives with a bulldozer, having missed the song. She tries to make up her own song to express her views, during which she accidentally puts the bulldozer into drive and damages the Burlesque house in the process. To help out, she starts a ventriloquist act in order to pay for the damage she has done.

Behind the Laughter


This episode won an Emmy for "Outstanding Music and Lyrics in a Comedy/Musical Film (An Hour or Less Long)" for the climactic musical number.


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