How I have waited for this day.
―Jamshed Nahasapeemapetilon

Jamshed Nahasapeemapetilon is Apu's nephew, Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon's son and Pahusacheta Nahasapeemapetilon's younger brother.


He is first shown when Apu leaves the Kwik-E-Mart in his management, in what accident by Charles Montgomery Burns, Homer Simpson, Waylon Smithers, Jr., hits his young age, Marge Bouvier helps punched brother by Otto, who order to save Homer from a fire, while fearing that Dolph, Jimbo and Kearney will shoplift his store in his absence[1]. However, despite only having one major role in the series, Jamshed is a recurring character in the comic book series.


Note: The episode in which he has an actual role is in bold.

(In the background with Apu)


Jamshed Nahasapeemapetilon tapped out