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Lisa holding an autographed picture from Jim-Jam.

Jim-Jam Bonks is a fictional character in Cosmic Wars: The Gathering Shadow.


When Bart and Lisa saw The Gathering Shadow, they both took an instant dislike to him. In the film, Jim-Jam, when questioned by a Jedi Knight why the wheel cover for his landing gear was gone, admitted he pawned the cover off in order to get himself some space spliff before showing it. After seeing him, both Lisa and Luigi criticized the Jim-Jam character as a negative stereotype. They write a letter to Randall expressing their displeasure with the movie who returns with "I'm glad you enjoyed the movie, so here is an autographed picture of your favorite character".

Behind the Laughter

  • Jim Jam Bonks is based on Star WarsJar Jar Binks.
  • Lisa's and Luigi's negative comments about Jim-Jam reference real-life criticisms of Jar Jar.
  • According to the credits for The Gathering Shadow, Jim-Jam's voice actor was Randall Curtis.


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