See, son, that's where we're going ... maybe not today, maybe not tomorra'. But someday.
―Orville J. Simpson

Orville J. Simpson, or Great-Grandpa Simpson is one of the sons of Old Tut and Happy (née Dinsdale) Simpson (the other being Boris Simpson), the father of Abe Simpson and the paternal grandfather of Homer Simpson. Orville married Yuma Hickman and became the parents of at least twelve children, which include Hubert, Tyrone, Cyrus, Bill, Chet, Hortense and Abraham Simpson. He is also Homer Simpson and Herbert Powell's grandfather, He is also the great-grandfather of Bart, Stanley, Lisa, Jessica and Maggie Simpson.


Orville J. Simpson was born in the late 1800s in an unidentified country (presumably Scotland), and married Yuma Hickman prior to 1898, when their first child, Hubert was born. Two years later, Orville and Yuma has their second child, whom they named Tyrone. Eventually in 1907, both Abe and Cyrus Simpson were born.

Assuming Abe is to be trusted with his stories, Orville, Yuma Hickman and their children emigrated to America from an unspecified "Old Country" reminiscent of Scotland, Ireland or North East England and moved into the Statue of Liberty. After a few years of living there, they were forced to move out when they filled the head with too much garbage. Their family then moved to Springfield, North Takoma. When Abe was only a boy, Orville became a disciplinarian (as Abe describes him, a "professional child beater"), who once owned a disciplinary center where he strangled young boys to discipline them (his own father disapproved of this). In the early 1920s, Orville and Yuma had another son, named Bill. In the mid 1930s, Orville had his final son, named Chet.

By 1939, Hubert and Tyrone both grew up. Hubert presumably stayed in Springfield, and Tyrone moved to Dayton, Ohio. Abraham and Cyrus grew up, with them both becoming navy pilots in WWII. Cyrus crashed his fighter plane in Tahiti, and moved there permanently, later becoming married to 15 women, to whom he is still married. Bill grew up and became a communist. Chet grew up and became the head of an unknown shrimp company (that was apparently unsuccessful). Orville and Yuma later grew old, and had presumably passed away by 1989. If Abe's story about Virgil Simpson is true, he is 1/8 black, making him an octoroon.

Orville was seen in Heaven by Bart after getting hit by a car,[2] strangling young Abe, hinting the habit is a family trait. He is present in Grampa's story when Grampa tells the family of his arrival in the U.S.[3]

In Mathlete's Feat it's mentioned that he raised Abraham and his eleven dead siblings on crick water

Orville appeared again in Dad Behavior in which, during a (highly inaccurate) flashback, he hurls a baby Abe at the sun in response to him throwing up milk on his shirt. During this flashback, both Orville's physique and vocabulary are similar to that of Popeye.

In A Father's Watch, Abe mentions that his dad was a professional child beater. In a (possibly untrue) flashback, Orville is strangling a young boy in front of a large crowd, showing them how to discipline their children. However, Orville's own father disapproved of this, and strangled Orville himself.